Raised Floor Maintenance Service

Proper maintenance of raised floors should include both structural and environmental care. All raised floors require preventative maintenance to insure safe operating conditions for equipment and personnel. Listed below are the requirements for proper access floor care:

Structural Requirements:

  • Have floor inspected yearly by a qualified Access Floor Technician (Assessment).
  • Rotate panels at least four times a year in heavy traffic areas so wear patterns do not form on the laminant or deform the panel itself.
  • Adjust grid systems two times a year to correct structural problems (Tuning).
  • Install additional support pedestals prior to the addition of new equipment or when installing cutouts. (CALL FOR SERVICE)
  • Replace any missing components as needed, such as edge trim, grounding clips, stringers, gaskets, foam rubber.
  • Replace warped and/or delaminated panels immediately when found.
  • Repair untrimmed cutouts immediately.

For existing raised floors or a new environment with old legacy raised flooring, DCS can provide an assessment necessary to determine the integrity and safety of the raised floor system.  The assessment will identify issues and make recommendations for remediation if needed.  An Assessment of an existing Raised Floor would include the following considerations…[read more]