Preventative cleaning maintenance is a much more cost efficient than downtime. Budgeting should be in preventing environmental threats rather than reacting to them. The cost of preventing is much less than the cost of downtime. Many of the threats are invisible and can only be detected by and prevented with a professional data center cleaning crew.

Post Construction Clean:

Post construction cleaning is done after all the equipment and flooring has been installed. A thorough post construction cleaning is critical to ensure that the new data center and all of its equipment functions at peak efficiency. A thorough post construction cleaning will keep the room free from harmful dust and contaminants, which can infiltrate equipment and cause overheating, unnecessary wear and reduce equipment lifespans.
Post Construction clean involves Cleaning every inch of your data center from ceiling to subfloor, including inside the cabinets.

server plates
Disaster Recovery:

Our Disaster Recovery crews are available 24 hours a day to clean anytime a disaster strikes your critical environment.  Whether it is a fire, flood, fire suppressant discharge or any emergency that disrupts your normal operations, Data Center Solutions is available with the necessary crew and equipment to get you back in business.

Subfloor Sealing:

Concrete flooring continually sluffs off a fine grit that is impossible to recover, even with the most specialized HEPA or ULPA vacuum.  This grit can damage electronics and magnetic media.  If your floor leaves your fingertips white and powdery when you wipe across the exposed concrete, the floor needs to be sealed, or encapsulated.
A permanent concrete sub floor sealing system is applied to completely penetrate all the peaks and pours of the subfloor to form a permanent protective finish.  The protective finish eliminates the oxidation of the concrete and subsequent sub floor contamination.

Air Particle Sampling:

Ambient air sampling services are conducted using ISO Recommended Best Practices.  Tests for Viable and Non-Viable airborne particles, CO2, VOC, Temperature and Humidity will be conducted.  A detailed before and after report will be prepared outlining the results compared to ISO 14644 and Federal Standard 209E.
The following conditions must be controlled at all times to create stable conditions for your critical environment.
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Airflow

Anti Static Floor Care:

The data center floor is generally the primary source of static generation and electrostatic discharge (ESD).  Fortunately, it is also the simplest place to mitigate the problem.  Data Center Solutions can assist in the mitigation of ESD with environmentally friendly, and static controlled floor finish, static controlled sprays and floor cleaning compounds, designed to hold up to the most demanding of environments.


We will measure your air particles before and after our service to determine the effectiveness of our services and to ensure the safety of your facility.

24/7 Emergency Response:

Disaster can occur at any time. Whether its flood, earthquake, fire suppressant discharge or any other occurrence that causes your facilities operations to be disrupted,  Data Center Solutions is available 24/7 to get you back up and running.

Zinc Whisker Remediation

Data Center Solutions can provide you with all of your data center products. Let your account manager know what you need.


We will provide inspections of your facility in order to identify and prevent any disasters.